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Learn all about the BARC's newest platform and what the decision was made to create it here.....

learn, all, about, the, barcs, newest, platform, and, what, the, decision, was, made, to, create, it, here


The British Automobile Racing Club will break new ground in 2017 as it launches its very own dedicated online TV platform.


In what is the next stage in further enhancing its social and multimedia content, the platform - titled BARC TV - will bring together all the best highlights and interviews from a host of BARC championships such as the BTRC and UK Legends (to name a few) throughout the season. 


With an audio service already provided, the need for video is seen as the final piece of the puzzle of the club as it looks to further establish itself on a multimedia front.


BARC Chief Operating Officer, Drew Furlong, said: “Since we brought in Chris Ashby (BARC Multimedia Communications Co-ordinator), we have seen a significant increase in our social content as well as the amount of people that we are reaching on a weekly basis.


“Coverage across the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been fantastic but we are still striving to ensure we are ahead of the game. This has been a collective vision for quite a while now but we felt launching it midway through a season wasn’t right last year - hence why we are rolling it out for 2017.


“Our opinion is that our audio project with Cre8Media Ltd has grown for the better over the past year and is in a great place; now is the time for us to make sure video reaches that same peak.”


With the need for online video becoming ever-more prominent, BARC TV will house all manner of content. Whilst there are those championships that already enjoy the benefits of TV coverage, all programming will be available on-demand at the click of the button.


Full race highlights, filmed and edited  to industry standard, will be added to championship playlists as each round passes - providing a definitive story of how each champion prevailed come the end year.


In-depth interviews with key personnel from the BARC and marshals, coverage at events such as the annual BARC Championship Awards and Autosport Show International will all also be added as time progresses too.


“Motorsport is constantly changing both on and off the track and it is important that we as a club remain on the cusp of the latest trends,” added Furlong as he further stamped his approval on the platform.


“Drivers, teams, officials and fans will have the opportunity to watch their favourite championships at the click of the button. For those that aren’t televised during the season this is the perfect place for all the action from our entertaining championships to be situated.”